7 Great Tips For Improving Your Alexa Rank

Why Use Alexa Rank?
Webmasters, advertisers and ad networks look at a blog’s Alexa rank to determine the weight and worth of a site or link. When trying to monetize a website or even sell a link having a good Alexa rank will enable you to earn more money or open up better offers from advertisers.

My Alexa Rank
My blog craigdeakin.com is nearly 2 months old, and has gained steady traffic. The first time I checked my Alexa rank it was around 3 million, today it currently stands at just over 500,000 which im happy at the progress so far, hopefully it will continue to improve over time.

Tips For Improving Your Alexa Rank
  1. Install Toolbar – If you use Firefox you can find the Alexa toolbar through the addon menu, however you can download it from Alexa.com Once its installed, set your website or blog as your homepage.
  2. Tell Users – If you know some of your readers/visitors it would be worth telling them to install the toolbar, that way when they visitor your site they’re contributing to the Alexa rank of your site.
  3. Reviews and Ratings – Apparently having your site reviews on Alexa.com can contribute alot to your Alexa rank, so maybe you could ask some friends to leave you a review.
  4. Claim Your Website – Alexa allows you to signup for a free account, once you have done this you can then claim your website/blog. Claiming your site is important as you can update some vital information about it manually.
  5. Create Content – If you create excellent content that is worthy of getting dugg or stumbled, not only will there be a huge traffic spike to your website but your guaranteed that alot of those visitors will have the toolbar installed.
  6. Buy Links – If you buy links from webmaster forums and websites you will get targeted traffic from those will surely be running the Alexa toolbar.
  7. Use Widget – You can embed the Alexa widget on your website this might gain you a few clicks each day.
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