Submission of Website Into Directories and Tips for Doing It

If you desire to get higher ranking in search engine than never ignore directory submission. To start with, offer one way backlinks to your site without charging any fees for it. All site owners are aware that procuring backlinks is not an easy task. Submit your website to directories if you want backlinks free of charge.

Experts recommend creating many variations of the description and title when directory submission is carried out. The reason behind is, when you have a new description and title you would not face any duplication issue. If there is repetitive use of same title and description while submission, search engines would conclude that it is done by the same person again and again. Therefore make it seem natural by preparing new and different variations, giving the illusion that submission has been done by different people.

Carry out this procedure of directory submission to the categories that compliment your site business and type. When you submit your website to the topmost category instead of right category, the editor has to shift your site to that place. They have to give in time to locate the right category. Here the editor has to do the job of submission review free of cost, so he would not devote much time and energy to it. Maximum times he would erase the entry and ask you to resubmit it. In case you are not able to find the right category then use search box of the directory.

Directory lists can be easily found on internet by using the search box of directory names. You can enter keywords like ‘directory list’, ‘directories for website submission’, etc into the search box. You would get results showing URLs of many websites that have directory list. Check out on each link if they are valid or not, as many directories from the list consist of invalid links. Thereafter you have to go to each directory for website submission. Thus you have to enter information like title, URL and description manually. Now-a-days due to security reasons directories ask you to enter Captcha code correctly, if entered wrong you have to re-enter it.

If you don’t have the time or you are reluctant to submit by yourself to the directories, you can hire any good SEO company to do the work. Here the SEO company has trained professionals who would submit your website to the directory. You can see the review about the SEO company in the internet marketing forum, if you are satisfied with it go ahead and hire that company.

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