Bottle Inspection Machine

Bottle Inspection machines are extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry for bottle inspections given that it helps maintain high standards of quality. Apart from being employed in the pharma industry, this machine is also used in other industries as well for examining the bottles that are broken, spotty, cracked and bottles which are not as per the set norms.

The manufacturing process of glass bottles and containers leads to defects which can be very dangerous for the final consumer. The flaws have to be found at a very early stage and it is here that the glass bottle inspection machines are employed in detecting glass faults.

Functionality of Bottle Inspection Machines

A bottle inspection machine has a conveyor belt installed, where the bottles are placed manually and then inspected. The bottles are then moved with the aid of the belt on to the inspection chamber. The inspection chamber is laden with cameras in addition to electronic components for complete inspection of the bottles. These machines are set with an inbuilt rejection system, which gets rid of the bottles not adhering to the set standards from the conveyor belt.

Inspection of defects in Pharmaceutical Bottles

• To detect Body Defects and Shoulder Defects.

• To detect base Defects.

• To detect finish Defects.

Features of Bottle Inspection Machines

Superior designed bottle inspection machines are available that have added features like * Unfilled and filled bottle check

* They have a full 3-D scan of the bottle for dimensional integrity as well like height, lean, tilt, thread, body dimension etc.

* The production of these machines is very high.

Applications of Bottle Inspection Machines

* Chemicals

* Beverages

* Pharmaceuticals

* Cosmetics

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