CCNA Certification All-In-One For Dummies

CCNA Certification All-In-One For Dummies
Product Description:
A complete preparation guide for the entry-level networking CCNA certification
If you're planning to advance your career by taking the all-important Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), this is the study guide you need! 
Seven minibooks cover all the concepts and topics on which you'll be tested, covering the latest version of the exam.
Each part of the exam is covered thoroughly in its own section, so you can readily find the information you want to study. Plenty of review questions help you prepare, and the companion CD-ROM includes the highly rated Dummies Test Engine so you can test your progress with questions based on exam content.
    * The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is the entry-level certification for network professionals
    * Seven minibooks in this guide cover Secure Device Manager, Virtual Private Networks, IPv6, 2960 Switches, Cisco Network Assistant, Advanced EIGRP and OSPF, and Introduction to Wireless Networks
    * Covers the latest version of the exam, including the new voice, security and wireless components added in 2008
    * Packed with review questions to help you prepare
    * Includes more security and troubleshooting information
    * CD-ROM includes the popular Dummies Test Engine, an exclusive, fully customizable test-prep software package that features twice as many sample questions as the previous version 
CCNA Certification All-In-One For Dummies is the preparation guide you need to earn your CCNA certification.
Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.
Summary: Do not see how anyone could rate it 5 stars, but...
Rating: 4
This book is full of great information. I have received a computer networking with Cisco emphasis certificate degree at a community college. This is more of a review for me before I take the CCNA. I must say I enjoy the way the author presents the information, but this book does have faults. I have read the 5 star reviews, and it is alarming to me that most people have not picked up on the mistakes in the book. I understand no one is perfect, but when preparing for an exam I do not want to see typos and misprints in my study guide. Although the mistakes were not major, it still alarmed me and made me question the reliability of some information.
Overall, everything was great, but we will see when I go to take the actual CCNA. If I pass this book will get a 5 star rating regardless of the flaws it has. The purpose of the book is to pass the CCNA and if I can do that with the help of this book, then who I am to rate it any less than perfect.
Summary: Excellent for studying CCNA
Rating: 5
A very comprehensive and well organized CCNA study guide that answers all of the questions you will see on the CCNA test. Also comes with a CD with three separate practice test that you can take. The writing is fresh and interesting and the authors keep things moving along. If you are only going to read one book before taking your CCNA, get this book!
Summary: Do not buy this book!!!
Rating: 1
A lot of mistakes and not just typos but misconceptions. For example, on page 372 3rd paragraph from the top: "All devices on the LAN see the ARP request, but the target device is not in the local network. So, it does not see the ARP request. However, the LAN gateway (that is , the router), like all devices in the LAN, does see the ARP request. It recognizes that the ARP request is for an IP address that is located in a remote network."
So, from this text we can get that a PC from which we want to send a request to a remote network doesn't need to know the default gateway IP address. Why? Because the router will recognize (by itself) through ARP broadcast that this request is for the remote network!!!
Summary: Great Study Guide and Desk Reference!
Rating: 5
I have pretty much read through this exam guide cover-to-cover and must say this is a solid book for preparing for the CCNA exam. I have 10+ years experience in the IT field and I am using this guide to polish up my Cisco skills and earn my CCNA. This book also doubles as a nice desk reference when not studying for the test. At about 1000 pages (Holy Bible size and weight ;-), the book contains a wealth of Cisco and networking knowledge, lots of practice test questions as well. I recommend it for dummies and non-dummies alike!
Summary: Great book!!!
Rating: 5
I've read a bit more than halfway through it so far. This book is very informative and well written. It's a perfect study guide for Cisco CCNA certification. It also contains a lot of information about Cisco products, networking best practices and advice, a lot of tips and tricks (this guy obviously knows what he's talking about).
I consider myself a beginner/intermediate in networking and so far, it's been quite easy to understand the concepts explained. Plus all this info will probably be useful as reference ongoing. It even covers newer stuff like those sexy Cisco IP phones that you see on all TV shows now.
I like the way the author explains things, for example I have heard my colleagues speak about EtherChannel and port trunks and VLANs... all this sounded like rocket science to me, until I read an example that compares EtherChannel and port trunks and VLANs to a freeway overpass in the VLAN chapter. Now I get it!!! Also, the diagrams in the book make it very easy to understand some of the more advanced stuff.
This book has been very helpful so far. It helps me understand networking stuff that felt intimidating before. I am quite confident about the CCNA test now. I'll probably use the tip and tricks and best practices ongoing as a reference. I highly recommend this book.
By Silviu Angelescu
    * Publisher:   For Dummies
    * Number Of Pages:   1008
    * Publication Date:   2010-04-12
    * ISBN-10 / ASIN:   0470489626
    * ISBN-13 / EAN:   978047048962


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