Earn Money from TreasureTrooper

TreasureTrooper is a site that pays it's members for doing varies different things: Offers - The pay for offers ranges from 0.40 to 60 dollars. Surveys - There is a daily survey that pays 0.75 Shopping - Shop online and get cash back Other - Treasure hunts and mini games To join Treasuretrooper you do NOT have to be 18 or older or an American resident however, being an American resident would give you an advantage.

There are even more ways to earn money through Treasuretrooper besides the ways written above. If you earn at least 20 dollars then Treasuretrooper sends you your money through a check in the mail. You do Not have to be a PayPal user to request your earnings. They also have a referral system, you get 20% of the money from someone who signed up under you. TreasureTrooper also has a forum and a chat room, in the forum there is a thread that is meant just for proof that TreasureTrooper's members got money. If you are interested click the link below.

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