Indonesia’s Rich Cultural Heritage


The wealth and variety of Indonesia’s traditional arts and crafts is incredible. The artistry and creativity of Bali’s artisans is well known. In no way inferior to those of Bali, however, are the wood carvings of Jepara and West Sumatra, the traditional ikat textiles of East Nusa Tenggara, or the batik cloths of Surakarta, Yogyakarta, Pekalongan and Cirebon – to name just a few examples.

In many regions of Indonesia, artistry is part of daily lives of the people. The simplest household utensils, usually made of plaited bamboo or rattan, are often artistically ornamented with patterns that have been passed from generation to generation.
Again, musical expression in Indonesia is often thought to be identical to gamelan. The bamboo flute orchestras of Maluku and some other areas of eastern Indonesia, the kolintang wooden xylophone ensemble of North Sulawesi and the kroncong serenade music of Jakarta seldom come to mind.
kolintang, photo by
For the contemporary arts such as painting and modern music and dance, too, Indonesia with its long traditional of artistry, has provided fertile ground for growth.


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