Modifikasi Sok Kapiler Cakram Lampu Belakang dan Behel Suzuki Smash

News of a double personality diisukan on Tamara Bleszynky, seems to belong to experienced Smash Alex Setiawan. But the difference, motor citizens Jl. Pejompongan Raya, Central Jakarta this story is not a matter of the heart. However, with two cover body. 
Both berkelir and have different purposes and ready to cover beraksi.Contoh body that is now used. Red blood up triball graphic black and white and gray in sekujur body. So at the end of the front and tebeng stern right-left. Marble style pengecatan techniques try to adjust. "Origins aja know, this is not for daily consumption. But if there is a kuncian modifications contezt. Reasonable if this motor was a headache I see a friend, "Alex beber alias Koex that the entire concept to Olan, modifikator from Coast Costum (JCC) on Jl. Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta.

Others that want to place tongkrongan gaul or office. Cover body only ready to act, even though the design of the same graphical triball. "Just a shade more crowded and berkelir light. This means that discrimination, "continued Koex confess that the concept grafisnya tiru one helmet trail garapan Troy Lee design.

Sok depan
: Koso
: Suzuki Satria
: Laser
Lampu belakang
: Shogun 125
: Shogun 125

So with two faces have to be willing loading plug-cover their own body. "Fortunately open bolts and each connection has been broken off memorize. So I'm not dizzy, "surely Koex.


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