Contoh Cerita Deskriptif Bahasa Inggris
Bagaimana kalau kita diberi tugas untuk membuat contoh cerita deskriptif bahasa inggris apalagi ditentuin topiknya, misalnya tentang holiday? ya tinggal nyontek aja gitu aja kok repot , nih disini ada.

Bali is a perfect place to take your kids. They’ll love the natural surroundings, and there is no problem whatsoever to find a baby-sitter or somebody to take care of them wherever you go.
Bali is a paradise for children. Just about every attraction on the island is children “friendly” – which makes Bali an ideal destination for parents as well.
Children’s attractions in Bali vary from surf, sand and beach activities; cultural activities such as dancing, temple visits, and traditional Balinese life style experiences; adventure activities such as rafting, cycling, bungee jumping and elephant rides; and theme parks such as Bali Bird Park, Waterbom, Butterfly Park, etc.
One of the greatest experiences of a Bali holiday for many families is eating out. Bali is simply like no other place in the world for the many different restaurants and cuisines on offer, the low cost for meals, the quality of food, and the exotic or romantic settings.
Cerita deskriptif bahasa inggris merupakan paparan yang melukiskan / menggambarkan kejadian tersebut dapat dirasakan / dialami oleh pembacanya sendiri.


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