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iSpring Pro produces quality Flash presentations and e-learning courses that preserve every aspect of your original PowerPoint content, even the new features of PowerPoint 2010 and trigger animations. iSpring Pro also enables the addition of voice and video narration with a streamlined and simple process.
The result is professional presentations and e-learning courses that can be created and delivered in hours instead of weeks.

Whether you are preparing an online presentation or an e-Learning course, iSpring Pro provides all these advantages:
  • Streamlined content development and delivery process
  • Increased productivity and reduced development costs
  • Cost-effective solution to stay on a budget
  • Easy-to-learn product that saves valuable time of content authors
  • Effective presentations and courses with narrations and interactivity

Expand Your PowerPoint Capabilities

iSpring adds a tab to your PowerPoint toolbar and enhances the standard Microsoft Office application with unique features for making engaging, secure and accessible online presentations and e-Learning courses. Easily:
  • Add synchronized video and audio narrations
  • Personalize a player by adding presenters' info and company logo
  • Protect presentation with password, watermark or domain restriction
  • Create SCORM/AICC compliant content for integration with any Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Integrate with iSpring Online for delivery, management and advanced tracking online

Easily Create Captivating Content

Create a high-impact, interactive story that will involve your audience and hold the attention of learners. It is easy to get started, yet iSpring still allows the delivery of the most advanced multimedia technologies available.
  • Get all of the advantages of PowerPoint as iSpring retains animations, transitions, crisp images, videos and appearances in Flash
  • Record or import and synchronize video and voice narrations to create the power of live presenting
  • Add external Flash movies and YouTube videos
  • Make quizzes and surveys with iSpring QuizMaker
  • Incorporate interactivities created with iSpring Kinetics
  • Add references and file attachments with additional info
  • Instantly preview your work in PowerPoint
iSpring QuizMaker and iSpring Kinetics are available as a part of iSpring Suite.

Control Presentations with iSpring API

Flash movies created with the new Streamline player provide a comprehensive ActionScript 3 API which gives you the unique capability to direct Flash movie navigation and playback controls.
  • Presentation and slide playback control
  • Navigation by animation steps, play/pause presentation
  • Access to the presentation information
  • Playback events notifications
  • Set multiple presenters within a slideshow
  • Sound and volume control
Free Download Ispring pro 3.1:

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