How to View the Status Off / Online Yahoo Messenger

The trick this time we will try to discuss about "How To Display Status Offline / Online Yahoo Messenger". Then the function What is this? Look, for example if there's no marker like that your blog visitors will be able to directly interact directly with you, if that right Nha blog visitors will be added ma love you :p
How to make it very easy you live copy the following script you put in the sidebar then you already know a way to partner, it's like if km lho install a "page element", Entrance to the "Page Elements" then "Add a Gadget -> HTML / Javascript ".

Jump aja ok, example would be like this, if the status is offline then you will like this picture:         

Replace the text in red color (alan) with your YM id.
note the number "2", could you replace it with another number and the results displayed image will vary.

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