How to create a Form "Subscriber Email" / "Subscribe By Email"

Many web arready this post,but I am will write order that you now about this steps!!

Here's how to make the form "Subscriber Email" are :

1. Visit this site:

2. The first time you come you will be immediately handed a box to fill in the address of your blog feed to be burned: D

3. Usually the address of the feed you like this blog : Your name, replace paper with the name Your name blog address.

4. Fill in the name of your blog feeds in a box which had been proffered, if your blog's content was video2 then check the box "I am a podcaster", if not ya have not checked. Then click the "next"

5. After that you will be presented again with the registration form, fill in data2 needful there, then click the button "Activate Feed"

6. Nha if successful there will be information on "Congrats! Your ......".

7. Below this there will be "Next" button and the link "Skip directly to feed management" this time select the link "Skip directly to feed management", in fact through the "next" but could you let us through another path called aja.

8. Then there will be some of the menu, this time select the menu "Publicize"

9. After that will appear on the left hand menus. Select the menu "Email Subscriptions".

10. Then click the button "Activate"

11. Nha after that there will be several boxes containing kode2. Nha if km pinginnya who shaped the form then select the existing code in the box "Subsciption Form Code".

12. Copy the code in this box, then click the "Save" to activate the service.

13. Pair mode, login to blogger, select "Layout >> Add a Gadget >> HTML / Java Script" Nha paste the code you've had a copy there.

  • NOTICE :
    Now try to see your blog, there is already a form to "Subscriber Email".                                       Then, if mo nampilin number of berlanganan gini Reder's how:                                                             - Log into feedburner and then select your blog feeds                                                                         - Then go to menu "Publicize -> FeedCount" Aa.. script there should kilometers copy and post it on blogs.
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