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After a long playing my blog there are many irregularities in the following HTML editing is a trick so you do not experience these irregularities.

  • The trick to edit HTML bloggers :
1. Backup Templates
Backing up this template is important because if there is anything that is not cool, like a blog template so damaged it easy to backup mode. Simply click on the link "Download Full Template" and save the template file in our computer. If an error occurs we can not handle it, we just upload the template file aja.

2. Check the box "Expand Widget Templates"
If the box "Expand Widget Templates" is not checked then the code that is sought may not be found. But this need not be made dependent of the tutorial instructions. Hence a good note with the tutorial if you want to Edit the HTML blog.

3. Simplifies Search Tips
To simplify the code search by first copying the code that would search and press "Ctrl + f" and enter the code that was copied into the box connate. If you are looking for example code does not appear then try to find some of the code. If we want to find the code if not I'll see you then try to find this part or such data: if you have found post.body then click the next button to see if there is another code for the same ensure the desired code. But this seems difficult dilakakukan tips if you use the browser "Chrome" easiest if you use "Mozila firefox".

4. Errors Which Appear Facing Tips
If when saving edits and then appeared an error message, eg like this:
We Were Unable to save your template
Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
Could not be your Parsed template as it is not well-formed. Please make sure .....
And the thing we should do is try to understand these error messages. Then we check again whether we read the tutorial steps that we have done correctly in accordance with the tutorial. if not sure then we can repeat the tutorial from the beginning by clicking the "Clear Edit" first.
Maybe for the problems currently facing a variety of error messages will be discussed further diepisode others are more specific.
Dont was probably used these tips in the discussion this time. We'll see you again on berkutnya tips.

All that I give only to you and so you can smile .Thank you very much,



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