Tips for Choosing Safe Foods

tips for choosing safe foods that are invisible.
1. Look for foods or beverages that color is not too flashy
For food products that are not packaged specifically, should you choose foods or beverages with a less conspicuous color. This is because the food stand out, most of the synthetic food dye used for coloring textiles. Just as Rhodamine B, which makes food look more striking colors.

2. Test first if you select a colored foods or beverages

The trick, try the test with food stuck to the hands or cloth. If it's stuck and difficult to be eliminated, meaning the food is to use dyes that are not safe and is not suitable for consumption. "It's better you choose a color in a soft or soft foods, because the natural color of food coloring is not flashy and tend to soft

3. Recommend early in children

Not enough to know the dye is safe or unsafe, is also introduced as early as possible in children, food safe and unsafe. So that children know which foods she should eat or not. It was to anticipate the child, if he was forced to have snacks outside, he will choose safe food.

4. Familiarise children breakfast at home

Familiarise children breakfast at home before leaving for school, and give food for kids lunch. Because the children breakfast at home, hence minimizing the child for snacks that are not yet assured beyond safety and cleanliness.

5. Read type and amount of dye used

Every time buying food in the packaging, carefully and read the type and coloring materials used in the product. This is to determine the total content of dyes used in food.

6. Note the labels on every packaged product

Make sure the food labels are listed by permission from government authorities to handle food with no license registration.

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