How to Improve Memory Durability

Do you often forget when you are finding something? For example you often forget where you put your keys or forgetting something important to do or your children’s test score were bad because having trouble in memorizing, most of us have experienced this case. For the result, we need more time and energy to find something,
getting anger from another people, or get bad score because of our forgetful. The power of brain to memorize something actually decreases when someone became older. This problem can be resolved by training our brain.
Our brain is divisible of left brain and right brain. Left brain function relate to logic, number, word, intelligence, calculation, analysis, and short term memory. While the right brain relate to creativity, imagination, music, color, shape, emotion, and long term memory.
Memory will go along way if keeping in our right brain in the process of remembering. But most of people use the left brain in the process of memorizing.
By in consequence, if you want to save some information in your right brain, the information must be changed to a story or some picture. There are some techniques which can be done:
Ø Total Story Technique
This technique is done by making a short story from the things we want to memorize.
Ø Total Word Technique
In this technique the information which we want to memorize is changed to abbreviations.
Ø Total Number Technique
This technique is used to remember numbers. Because right brain doesn’t know numbers so we must make a story which relate to the numbers.

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