Tips to Shoulder Strapping & Body Strong

HAVE A strong shoulder can make your body looks sturdy. When "the he" landed her arms around her shoulders, you also do not hesitate to sustain it.
The upper body is essential to support performance. Strong broad shoulders and make us look sturdy, even easier to get dressed. We did not have to bother adding foam to be visible on the field jacket.

Shoulder muscle exercise, not only beneficial to train the body balance, but accelerate the blood circulation that affects the body's metabolism. In fact, the exercise really support sports that use the hands like a basketball, golf, boxing up.

Although trained in shoulder muscles, automatically upper body muscles also trained. Special shoulder muscles alone there are three parts that need to be understood, namely the front shoulder muscles, shoulder muscles side, and rear shoulder muscles. The third part is what should be trained either individually or combined.
"Similar to any other body part exercises, training programs provided by the principle of movement up (raises) or pressing (presses). The tools used are usually dumbbell, barbell, cable or the gym (machines), "call the Fitness Center Fitness Manager The Financial Club Jakarta Beni Mustofa.
That make up your shoulder muscles called the deltoid. This muscle consists of three collections of muscle fibers. Although each originate at different points, joined together at one place, namely the upper arm.
Antenor deltoid originate at the front of the shoulder, attached to the collarbone. Its function is to help raise the arm upward, forward, and rotate the arm inward.
The posterior deltoid is located at the back of the shoulder and attached to the scapula. Point to move the arm toward the back and rotate the arm inward. While the lateral deltoid is located between the posterior and antenor. Serves to move the arm to the side and help the posterior and anterior.
Finally, there Trapezius located behind the neck and shoulders. Its function is to move the scapula, holding, raising, and lowering the shoulder, and stretched his neck. In the method of lifting loads, heavy loads can be adjusted to your ability. Or it could also use a simple count of calculating the load can be lifted.
The key, the weight amount to 25% - 30% of your weight. For example you weigh 60 kg, mean minimum load that could be around 18 kg. If the load could exceed that, slowly, can be added as needed. So did the opposite. However, for beginners, try to provide a stretching exercise (warm up) so that no muscle injury.
You can use the exercise treadmill, stationary bike (spinning), the machine cross trainer, or other normal stretching. Do it for about 15 minutes. Reasonably necessary for the core exercises take about 45 minutes. There are several objectives that must be known in advance before you practice. For example maintain fitness, muscle formation, or muscle enlargement (bodybuilding athlete).
Recent research from the analysts fitness, to better stimulate muscle growth, do weight training program in the initial period of 20 minutes, then continue with cardio exercises in the next 20 minutes. This is very influential, especially for those who want to lose weight. In the first 20 minutes, exercise your body will burn sugar. Only then burn fat. Exercise must also be adjusted against the reps and sets are played.
To maintain fitness, should be conducted in four sets with 12 times the number of reps in set one, 10 times in sets of two, 10 times in sets of three, and eight times in four sets. For the muscle enlargement, using 10, 8, 8, 6 reps. While bodybuilding athletes wear 8.8, 4, and 2 reps.
"The smaller repetisinya, the greater the burden to be lifted. However, beginners can also customize the capability. And the most important match with a goal to be achieved," said Beni.

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