Contoh Dialog Menggunakan Kalimat Attributive Adjective

Apa kalian tahu apa itu attributive adjective? Contoh attributive adjective gimana sih? Attributive adjective merupakan sebuah kata sifat yang melukiskan atau menggambarkan terhadap kata benda.

Enaknya gini deh coba pahami dialog percakapan bahasa inggris tentang attributive adjective berikut.

Dong: What are we doing in the class today?
Sui: I think we are going to study attributive adjective
Dong: What is an attributive adjective?
Sui: It is a word that describes a noun
Dong: Please give me an examples!
Sui: I think novita is a beautiful women. That is a large tree.  This is a delicious piece of shusi.
Dong: I get it, then I can say Mr.Tom is handsome man

Tuisan bercetak miring merupakan contoh kalimat attributive adjective. Mudah kan? Ayo belajar dialog percakapan bahasa inggris sama-sama.


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